Saturday, 15 May 2010

Gardeners Bloom Day May 2010

Welcome to my spring garden - everything is late this year as the season has been colder than usual - but all the more welcome for the wait!
From the front border, black tulips, red and orange wallflowers and bluebells. The colours are more vibrant in life, and have worked well together for three weeks now thanks to the cooler temperatures, which have neared frost, unusual in London in April and May.
In the back garden, the new quince tree has surprised and pleased us; the blossom buds unfurl
like palest pink icecream cones, small swirls of delicacy. At its foot, Jenny's geraniums mixed with bluebells have been covered with bees these last few days.
Opposite, on the cool side of the garden, Solomon's seal provides an elegant screen for the compost bin; at its best now, after flowering the fresh green leaves will soon be laced by feasting snails. It doesn't seem to hurt the plants as they return better every year.
Down by the pond wilderness proliferates; periwinkle overcoming all before it, a glimpse of fig beginning to develop its overwintered fruits under bright green leaves, grasses creeping their way through everything and on the right, a clump of silvery green glistening iris leaves, still to bring forth their white flowers.

Last of the double daffs for the moment (some are still developing as I only potted them up in mid February. They need twelve weeks y'know). And finally, sneak preview of a new orange iris which I had hoped would be out in time for this month's bloom day (and will probably be done before June's). Just now the buds look like some strange water bird stretching its head above the rushes, with aquilegia flowers weird fairies gathering round.

Thanks as ever to Carol of May Dreams Gardens for hosting Gardeners Bloom Day every month, year round. Hop over there to find links to others' gardens from around the world.