Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Raised beds from discarded decking

Spotted some decking in a neighbouring skip recently and harvested it to make some posh raised beds on the allotment. The decking was only put up about three years ago, so the wood is in good nick.
Paul started on Friday and ruined a peaceful Sunday morning sawing and hammering - he worked really hard! As a result, there's now a small boundary fence (just two planks wide) half way round the first bed, which will run all along one side of the plot (about 12 metres by one and a half). It will take a lot of compost to fill it even half way.
The plan is to plant garlic and onions in October and some broad beans in November; these should all be ready to harvest in late May/early June. We'd like some asparagus and rhubarb too, but haven't ordered it yet - in any case, this won't be ready to eat next season.
If you're wondering about the hole under the planks, it was probably dug by a fox.


themanicgardener said...

Those sunflowers look almost russet--quite lovely! Is it a trick of the light, of are they actually that color?

Scattered Gardener said...

Yes, they really are! Unfortunately I've thrown away the seed packet so can't tell you what variety they are.

The seeds have been less prolific and smaller than my usual yellow sunflowers. But this might be because of the wet cold summer.