Friday, 15 May 2009

Classic Spring cottage garden!

Flourishing wiegela...a glorious fountain of pink which delights us every year.

dark pink pelargonium Royale, purple allium, a splash of orange wallflower, palest pink aquilegia

plus herbs, the strawberry planter full of flowers and blackeyed susan ready to climb in the big round pot on the right. The sweetpeas are shooting up in the square pot to the left. The white flowers centre front are lantana - never come across these before, I found them in the garden centre last week and divided one small pot into five separate plants!

And here's the basket I planted earlier... I must get a better picture this weekend, after the rain yesterday and today it's beginning to flourish, and the plants spreading out.


Joanne said...

All looking promising the Wigelia loolovely

Scattered Gardener said...

Thank you Joanne. It's actually much pinker than it looks in the photo. Has been somewhat battered about by the strong winds the last couple of days and looking more drunk and blowsy than flourishing by this evening...