Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Any ideas for green figs?

Even here in the blessed South East of England, you only get one picking of figs - and that's in a good year.
We picked our first crop of three purple ripe fruits last month from a Brown Turkey fig tree planted some five years ago. They were delicious.
But this week I twisted off 10 small green figs which have no chance of maturing, in the hope that some tiny buds will form, overwinter and ripen next summer.
Really I should have done this earlier in the season, and pruned, but fingers crossed we will have an Indian summer, the buds will form, and we will have a few figs to enjoy again next year.

Whether you've needed to water your garden this week or not, please support WaterAid this week and help them provide clean water supplies and sanitation for poor communities in Africa.


Re said...

I love figs!

Jo said...

You would have had a great harvest if all those had matured. Fingers crossed for next year.

Joanne said...

I have afig tree which does produce figs even in our climate but none of my family like eating them.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

As always, we hope for better things next season... Over here, we can only buy dried figs from supermarkets . ~bangchik

ReapWhatYouGrow said...

I wonder whether they can be ripened on a windowsill? I haven't heard of anything you can make with them, but would be intrigued as we have a tree that overhangs our garden. They too are green, and only ripened once, in 2003.