Saturday, 21 February 2009

First afternoon in the garden today

Hoorah, it's that dirty nails time of year again! The sun was out so I spent three hours working the bright side of the back garden this afternoon. It's still too wet to dig deep (and in any case, I did that last year, so not really necessary again now), but I got some satisfaction from turning over the top couple of inches and weeding the border. I've divided and moved the red Potentilla to the far end of the bed near the pond, as it was overwhelmed by honeysuckle and roses last summer. I hope it will settle in OK, I hadn't realised how deep the tap roots would be.
Amazing how early the weeds start growing (actually I'm not convinced they've stopped over the winter). Also some crocus peeping through, mostly yellow, a few purple and white and some deep purple mini irises by the pond. The joys of spring already!
Now I must look out that nailbrush and remind myself how to use it again...

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