Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Unexpected gifts...

Yesterday we potted up tomatoes and other bits and pieces for the greenhouse, and Paul dug up the scruffy old rosemary bush from the border - we've replaced it with Ceanothus for its darker green small glossy leaves throughout the year and beautiful deep blue flowers in late spring. Looking forward to that!
Today we returned to the allotment - a blessed treat on a Tuesday as we didn't have time to do more than drop off compost last week. Before we left I searched the cupboard for the last six Jerusalem artichokes, carefully saved in a red net bag, to plant in a new patch on the allotment. Alas, it turned out Paul cooked them about three weeks ago. So perhaps we were not to have any next winter.
But what should I find this afternoon as I prepared the soil for this year's runners beans? A whole pile of sprouting tubers!
I could have sworn that patch was cleared thoroughly when I dug up artichokes to extend our winter roasts. And given that last year's plentiful crop came forth from just eight tubers, it looks as if we shall enjoy even more next winter.
Be warned my friends - once planted, you're never without a Jerusalem artichoke.
More in hope than anticipation, today last year's patch was cleared again, and readied for beans.
I hope to report positively on the new JA patch later this summer, if these little treasures settle well into their new home, somewhere near the back of the allotment.

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Scattered Gardener said...

New JAs sprouting up already - and five more appeared round the edge of the bean poles in the old site! All about the same height out of the ground, so it seems moving them made little difference to progress!