Wednesday, 22 July 2009

New challenge for the pigeons and some splendiferous sunflowers

Today the two of us spent a very useful and pleasurable day at the allotment.
Paul made a huge new cage to keep the woodpigeons away from the new brussels sprouts bed.
The cage I made last year wasn't tall or wide enough for plants to develop fully. This new model is taller than me, which is possibly a little too far in the other direction! Let's see if the brussels plants take advantage of their luxurious new height allowance; now that would be a good crop!
If the cage should prove overcapacious, perhaps we could plant some fruit bushes next year; blackcurrant redcurrant and raspberry would be good.

Meanwhile I thinned out the autumn cauliflowers, cutting down a couple of sunflowers as I went; transplanted winter leeks and brussels sprouts into two beds, dug over after the broad beans were pulled out; harvested potatoes and picked french beans and runners; found the first couple of sweetcorn cobs starting to swell; put elastic bands around the celery; and enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee sitting next to the Jerusalem artichokes and looking over the lush three sisters bed. It's looking good!
Lastly I watered everything, as despite frequent showers this week, the soil was really dry and thirsty by this afternoon.
I know I look as if I'm trying to hide behind the beanpole in this picture - this would be futile at the best of times. But I was actually just picking runner beans.
Have I mentioned how splendiferous the sunflowers are this season? Here are a few for your pleasure.
The tallest are now about 7 feet high. Bill has the highest plant on our site - one bloom must be at least eight foot tall - but I have the most prolifically flowering.
I have picked nearly forty blooms over the past three weeks, not including today's dozen (after these photos were taken). They are a delight and a pleasure.


Jo said...

Your brassica cage looks great. The one my hubby built for me is quite tall too. I figured I would give everything plenty of room to grow.
I love your sunflowers, they are such a cheery flower and look great in vases.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

So many plants in your garden.. and they look so healthy.
~ bangchik

Re said...

Lets hope the pigeons aren't up to the challenge heh?

Anonymous said...

THanks for asking if we were too busy to post. Things have been domoestically busy over at allomentality and I had to go away during peak growing season. The result: returned to an Amazon. The lack of posting is because I'm ashamed of the state of it and you won't be seeing much of it until it doesn't look like an allotmentological disaster area. I did manage to salvage a few spuds, onions, beetroot and garlic.

mangocheeks said...

I am impressed with your brassica cage. I will have to rebuild mine as it is just not tall enough for my white and purple sprouting broccoli.

I also love your sunflowers, mine are slow in growing tall this year.