Monday, 15 June 2009

Gardeners Bloom Day 15 June

This is my first contribution to Gardeners' Bloom Day, an idea started a couple of years back by Carol of May Dreams Gardens. On the 15th of each month everyone is invited to post about the flowers which are currently blooming in their gardens.

June has to be the best month for English gardens! All sorts of delightful blooms to share. Delicately starry Alliums have followed the dark pink purple pompoms featured earlier in the season, looking good alongside the dark pink Sweet William - a traditional favourite.
The Pink Gerbera were a delightful gift, made on Friday (thank you Shirley) and potted up on Saturday. A nursery must have lit them evenly for the blooms to be so perfectly balanced in the round! The lemon yellow flowers you can see behind are Potentilla, an easy shrub which now it's established, produces a profusion of blooms every morning, and drops them all in the evening. It goes on for months.
Next, a pale lavender Scabious which we planted last summer. It looked very sad earlier this season, but we put a slug pub behind it, the snails dove in and it's flourished ever since!
The pink rose is a Gertrude Jekyll, it generous roses smell delicious all through June and we have enough to enjoy in the garden and the house.

Last but not least, the shopping basket I planted up a month ago, which is proving big enough to only need watering every four days or so!
Thanks to Stevie for the photos - he nipped out to capture them just before it started to rain cats and dogs! Also to Sue Swift of the Balcony Garden whose post today reminded me to take part in Gardener's Bloom Day!


NellJean said...

From one scatterer to another, Happy Bloom Day, love your garden. Your Gerbera daisies are superb. Some gerberas here have survived for decades.

shirl said...

Hi there, Scattered… nice to meet you :-)

Wishing you a huge welcome to GBBD! You have some wonderful plants that caught my attention here from the alliums to the deep coloured sweet William and as for Gertrude… if I were to add another rose she would be in the short list :-)

Ah… but I loved the gerbera from Shirley! Thanks, so much for your comments on my blog this evening… I am in fact a Shirley and not really known as Shirl (except on my blog) so a connection between such a beautiful flower and my name really did make me smile :-D

Happy Bloom Day, I do hope you join us again next month :-D

Les said...

Welcome to GBBD! That Allium is one of my favorites, outside of the ones that are eaten.

Re said...

Gardeners Bloom Day sounds like a wonderful idea I must check it out. Your garden was certainly blooming beautiful!

Jo said...

You've got lots of colour in your garden. I especially like the Gerbera, it's perfect!

Anonymous said...

I really like your purple podded peas - quite a big harvest.

I have eaten them as mangetout and as peas, and I have to say I prefer the purple podded ones as peas rather than mange tout. The taste is somehow nicer.

I would be intrigued to know whether you find the same.